Movies change people

People change the world



As a professional writer I've covered a variety of topics of which I’ve been passionate about during different phases in my life. These include: cryptocurrency, blockchain, digital media, film journalism and screenwriting. The latter I have a love hate relationship with. I love watching stories - more than life itself (reality sucks) and equally love writing for film and television, yet creativity is quickly crushed by the reality of having to do business in Hollywood.


My favorite thing to do is hang with my daughter, second favorite is watching TV - then talking about it with my BFF Jeff. Before COVID-19 I squeezed in 40 hours of TV time a week. Then lock-down brought a reprieve from paid work and enabled at least 80 hours! That’s when I ran out of things to binge. Although my algorithm disagreed – with endless iterations “Recommended For You” I was more than bored; I felt imprisoned by my own profile. 


I soon realized I wasn't alone; almost everyone I knew had nothing to watch. Ironically, we don't actually want more of the same, we need something different. Random bingeing brings the magic back – inventing an experience you would never  normally have, exposing you to ideas that invigorate, and reigniting your love of story through discovering what's NOT Recommended For You.

Caz & Jeff

I met Jeff many moons ago when I was raving to my friend about Robert McKee's STORY - (the bible of Screenwriting).

My buddy said, "Oh yeah, my brother's read that."

What? A civi who's read McKee?

Instant best friends, then not, then we were, then... well, okay we Ross & Rachel'd a bit until we finally realized we were done messing up our perfect friendship. Plus no one else will listen to us rave on about film and television for hours on end.

We love stories for the way it unites, challenges and changes us. This podcast is a way to share our passion, hopefully reigniting your own.

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